Minecraft Misc Assets

Here are the downloads for some of my Minecraft assets. These are usually non-rigged objects I use frequently in my scenes.  These assets are designed to work in Autodesk Maya 2016 or newer, and are not guaranteed to work on older versions.

If you use any of these rigs, please copy-paste this into your video description:

<rig name> by Ravbug Animations
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/ravbuganimations
Website: https://www.ravbuganimations.com

You will need to re-link the textures for the rigs. If you want my rigs to just work, place the textures inside your project in the following directory structure: sourceimages/images for textures/minecraft textures/textures-new/
Or you can manually link them. Check out this page for information about how to extract the textures from Minecraft.

Blocks Assets

A collection of blocks that excludes blocks with the same texture on all 6 sides.

  • Chests are rigged to open
  • Special 3D bricks
  • Extruded lit furnace
  • 3D carrot crop
  • 3D Bed (used in You May Not Rest Now)
  • Rigged Piston
  • Brewing Stand
  • Half-slab block
  • Blocks that emit light are part of a separate “glowing” material

Download Blocks Assets
Download Texture file

HUD Asset

Collection of textured planes for the Minecraft HUD

Download HUD Asset

Armor Asset

Collection of armor to parent to your rigs. Shield is 3D and rivets are extruded.
Armor and Shield used in You May Not Rest Now

Download Armor Asset

Lighting Asset

The lighting setup I used to light The Adventures of the Wolf and the Ocelot Episode 2
Best combined with a Mental Ray IBL sky with a blue gradient attached to the color value.

Download Lighting Rig

Random Small Assets

Download Podium model
(Used in The Adventures of the Wolf and the Ocelot Episode 2)

Download Loop Pole
(Used in The Adventures of the Wolf and the Ocelot Episode 2)

Guillotine Asset

Made this for a school project. Non Minecraft.
Download a wicker basket, a wood, and a metal texture and apply them to the 3 materials

Download Guillotine rig

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