Minecraft Misc Rigs

Here are the downloads for my Minecraft random rigs. These rigs are designed to work in Autodesk Maya 2016 or newer, and are not guaranteed to work on older versions.

If you use any of these rigs, please copy-paste this into your video description:

<rig name> by Ravbug Animations
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/ravbuganimations
Website: https://www.ravbuganimations.com

You will need to re-link the textures for the rigs. If you want my rigs to just work, place the textures inside your project in the following directory structure: sourceimages/images for textures/minecraft textures/textures-new/
Or you can manually link them. Check out this page for information about how to extract the textures from Minecraft.

Book rig

Mmmmmmm. Knowledge.

Download Book Rig

Car / Pickup Truck Rigs

Gotta go fast.

  • IK driven suspension (rotate body mesh)
  • Wheels auto-roll when the car is moved (with option to reverse wheel direction)
  • Individual wheel pivot controls
  • Steering control (that also controls steering wheel)
  • Openable hood, trunk, doors
  • Windshield wiper control
  • Windows can roll down
  • 3D wheels (with custom texture support)
  • Body is a custom texture (links below)
  • Use Deformers to case “damage” to the car
  • Pickup truck is the same as the regular car, just longer
  • Used in The Adventures of the Wolf and the Ocelot Episode 2

Download Car Rig
Download Pickup Rig
Download Texture maps (With photoshop template)


Big Truck Rig

Based on my legacy car rigs, which you can’t download because the new car rig is so much better. This truck rig is good though.

  • Steering control
  • Wheels auto-rotate when truck is moved
  • Articulating trailer
  • Windshield wipers
  • Opening doors
  • windows roll down
  • Uses a color wheel texture, you can get one off the internet.
  • Used in The Speed Potion

Download Minecraft Big Truck rig


Minecart Rig

The stretchiest minecart

Download Minecart Rig


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