Minecraft Monster Rigs

Here are the downloads for my Minecraft monster rigs. These rigs are designed to work in Autodesk Maya 2016 or newer, and are not guaranteed to work on older versions.

If you use any of these rigs, please copy-paste this into your video description:

<rig name> by Ravbug Animations
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/ravbuganimations
Website: https://www.ravbuganimations.com

You will need to re-link the textures for the rigs. If you want my rigs to just work, place the textures inside your project as follows: sourceimages/images for textures/minecraft textures/textures-new/
Or you can manually link them. Check out this page for information about how to extract the textures from Minecraft.

Creeper Rig

Your favorite exploding friend.
Rig Features:

  • IK Feet controls
  • Smooth bending Body
  • Eyelid Controls
  • pupil control

Download Creeper Rig

Guardian Rig

Laser eyes of the deep!
Rig Features:

  • Tail bends in 3 places
  • Retractable Spines
  • Eye Control
  • Eyelid Controls
  • Top eyelid rotates
  • 4 Blendshapes for further emotion control

This rig was used in The Adventures of the Wolf and The Ocelot

Download Guardian Rig

Enderman Rig

Laser eyes of the deep!
Rig Features:

  • IK arms and legs
  • FK controls for arms
  • Bending body
  • Eyelid close
  • Eyelid tilt control for top
  • Ender particle emits from rig

This rig was used in You May Not Rest Now

Download Enderman Rig
Download Ender Particle Texture

Ghast Rig

Return to Sender.
Rig Features:

  • IK controlled tentacles
  • toggle between normal and “fireball” states

Download Ghast Rig

Slime Rig

Stylized like the slime from Slamacow’s Stick by Me
Rig Features:

  • 100% deformer controlled
  • Smooth bends
  • Rounded outer slime
  • Squash controller
  • Twist controller (for top and bottom)
  • Bend controller
  • Flexible Eye and mouth system
    • rotating and resizing the controllers also resizes / rotates the facial features
  • Refractive outer material (see images)
    • Adjust the Mental Ray -> Refractions to adjust the amount of light bending.

Also used in You May Not Rest Now

Download Slime Rig

Skeleton Rig (Shrogg Edit)

This rig is not 100% my own, this is a modified version of Shrogg’s Skeleton rig.
Features I added:

  • 3D bones on the arms (bend them to see what I mean)
  • Fancy IK driven bow
  • 6 additional controls per eye for emotion

For a wither skeleton, just swap out the texture for the wither skeleton’s, and scale up the rig a small amount

Also used in You May Not Rest Now. Wow! so many!

Download Skeleton Rig
Download Bow Textures

Spider Rig

Dem legs.

  • IK driven legs
  • Glowing eyes
  • Abdomen rotation control
  • Extrusions on face

Also used in You May Not Rest Now

Download Spider Rig

Ender Dragon Rig

Now you can finally beat the game!

  • Every ligament in the tail and neck has a controller
  • Wings articulate, selecting all 4 controllers together allows for easy wing animation
  • Glowing eyes
  • IK driven legs
  • Opening mouth

Download Enderdragon Rig

Zombie, Zombie Pigman, Husk, Zombie Villager, Witch, etc.

Use my Player / Villager rig, and swap out the player texture for that of one of these monsters.


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