Minecraft Player / Villager Rig

This player rig is the same rig I use in my own videos! Anything you see in the videos is possible with this download. I create the rig for myself, and I provide it to you as-is for free. You’re welcome to make suggestions, but I might not add them if I don’t find them beneficial to my own videos.


Many controls have actions for translate, rotate, and scale. For example: translating the eye control moves the eye, rotating the control rotates the eye, and scaling the control dilates the eye.

  • Head
    • Automatic hair extrusion (uses hat layer on skin)
    • No texture deformation on face
    • Top and bottom eyelid with full rotation control, both can be overdriven
    • Each eye has 8 control points, which can all be translated and rotated independently
    • Eye control can be translated and scaled for custom position and sizing
    • Pupil size
    • Independent eye translate and rotation controls
    • Mouth has 8 control points, each can be translated and rotated independently, with no limits
    • Mouth position and rotation control
    • Teeth control
    • 2D mouth open / pinch control (for lipsync)
    • Enable Disable facial features
    • 3 eyebrow states: Normal, Villager, and Disabled
    • Rounded or square mouth
  • Torso
    • Torso location control
    • 3 fine tuning controls: 2 chest, 1 hips, all can be translated / rotated without limits
    • Squash and stretch using fine tuning controls
    • Smooth bends
  • Arms
    • IK / FK toggle
    • sharp or smooth bends
    • Fingers (retracted = disabled, can be rotated)
    • > 90° bends
    • wrist controls (all axis)
    • Extra controls for arm shape (intended for cartoony animation)
  • Legs
    • IK / FK toggle
    • Sharp or smooth bends
    • Fancy feet
    • squash and stretch
    • support for almost 180° bends
  • Other
    • Walk helper: auto-position the character rig based on the IK foot controls!
    • Support for any scale (some render engines break on very small sizes)
    • HIK retargeting support: apply motion capture animation directly to the rig! See my tutorial here if you have a Kinect sensor.
    • Independent Root and Floor controls
    • Set the viewport smooth level and render smooth level independently
    • Villager mode: Enables villager robe and nose


Default state screenshot
Screenshot of the rig in its default state

Starring in these videos!

The rig supports any 64×64 Minecraft skin file. Higher resolution textures will work as well, but they must be 1:1 squares and the texture placement must match. I do not provide any textures with this rig. Check out this page for information about how to extract the textures from Minecraft.

Download Rig

Supported Maya versions: 2016 Extension 2 SP 2 or newer.

Please give credit! Copy-paste the following into your description:

Player and Villager rig by Ravbug Animations
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ravbuganimations
Website: https://www.ravbuganimations.com

I announce progress updates on my Twitter, which you can find here:

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