Minecraft Player / Villager Rig

Here are the downloads for my Minecraft Player-Villager combo rig. I have both a traditional rig for keyframing and a HumanIK rig variant for Motion Capture.

This rig is designed to work in Autodesk Maya 2016 or newer, and is not guaranteed to work on older versions.

If you use any of these rigs, please copy-paste this into your video description:

Player rig by Ravbug Animations
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/ravbuganimations
Website: https://www.ravbuganimations.com

You will need to re-link the textures for the rigs. If you want my rigs to just work, place the textures inside your project in the following directory structure: sourceimages/images for textures/minecraft textures/textures-new/
Or you can manually link them. Check out this page for information about how to extract the textures from Minecraft.

Although this rig is a combo with villagers, this rig only accepts player format skins for the main body. Please use a villager-player skin. The robe accepts normal villager textures.

This is my most advanced Player rig. And unlike most people, I will be releasing it for free! I would get virtually no profit off of it if I charged, and everyone would just pirate it anyways.

A screenshot of the rig:

See it in action here!

Keyframe Rig Features:

  • Arms
    • IK-FK Blend switch
    • FK mode has 5 controls per arm
    • Sharp / Smooth bends toggle (edit the polyCrease nodes in the outliner, 0 = smooth, 2 = sharp)
    • Approx. 130º bends in sharp mode
    • Fingers with 3 independent bends each
    • Option to disable fingers entirely
    • Slider to rotate the fingers 90º
  • Legs
    • Technically 180º sharp bends (but once you go past 150º it begins bending other parts of the leg)
    • IK-FK Blend switch
    • IK controllers drive leg rotation and fancy feet when in IK mode
    • FK mode has four controllers per leg
    • Sharp / Smooth bends toggle (edit the polyCrease nodes in the outliner, 0 = smooth, 2 = sharp)
    • Fancy Feet (with a yellow rotate override control for FK mode)
    • “Pinwheel feet mode” – watch The Speed Potion to see what that looks like
    • Auto Body Positioning System
      • Toggle-able (off by default, change Auto Move Floor attribute in the Root controller to 1)
      • When moving the IK handles for the feet, the body automatically positions along the X and Z axes and rotates along the Y based on the new control positions
      • Has no effect in FK mode
  • Body
    • Hips, Allrotate, Mid, and Upper torso controlls
    • Smooth bends
    • Translate Y of mid control drives squash and stretch of torso
    • Move the controllers around for extra stretch (or stretch in another direction such as X or Z axis)
  • Head
    • Mouth features 8 fine-tuning controllers that can each be moved along XYZ axis indefinitely and independently
    • Standard square Open-close-pinch-widen controller for lip-synching
    • Mouth Location controller for moving the mouth around on the face
    • Smooth mouth
    • Teeth controls
    • Eye pupil controls
    • Top and bottom eyelids have full range and tilt
    • Each eyelid has 3 controls each for more fine-tuning
    • Controls to tilt eye edges (see picture)
    • Eye dilation
    • Eyebrow up/down and tilt controls (rotate the controller)
    • 2 Fine-tuning controls per eyebrow
    • Automatic 3D extruded hair (based on hat layer)
    • Slider to disable facial features for skins such as zombie pigman (see screenshots)
    • Cartoony “Mouth line” with separate controls for that
    • Mouth line contains additional fine-tuning controls
  • Villager mode
    • Preserves pose, enables the robe, adds a nose, and makes the head taller
    • The robe has smooth bends (but don’t bend the legs too far, it will clip)
    • Split eyebrows become a unibrow, but the controls are the same as the split eyebrow (more possible poses)
    • This rig does not accept the regular villager textures for the main body! (But it does for the robe)
  • Control Panels / Controllers
    • Control panels are color coded (Green = outline, yellow = drag-able slider)
    • Some sliders can be rotated in addition to being translated
    • IK handles are red boxes
    • FK handles are light blue or yellow
    • Face control panel is meant to look like a face
  • Other
    • Few subdivisions overall for fast performance
    • Support for extruding (but requires user to add more subdivisions)
    • Eye color, Eye background color, Eyebrow color, are their own materials and are separate from the skin
    • Materials are packaged in a Hypershade bin for sorting ease
    • Set most of the controllers to 0 to reset them back to their original pose

Motion Capture Rig Features:

  • Contains all the facial features of the Keyframe rig
  • Also has the Villager mode
  • Built on HumanIK (so you could use this in place of the keyframe rig)
  • Does NOT have any controllers for the body, legs, or arms. The Motion capture system uses the HIK system to animate.

Follow this tutorial for info about how to create motion capture animation.

In the end, you didn’t come here to read! You came for the rig!

Download the Keyframe rig
Download the Motion Capture rig

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