Villager Rig

Updated rig is available! (combined villager / player rig):
As such, this rig will no longer receive updates.

Legacy Villager Rig Features

-Cluster-driven smooth mouth with a lot of flexibility
-Mouth can be moved around on the face :)
-Independent Eyelid Controls
-Eyebrow bends in 4 places
-Independent Eye Dilation (resizing)
-Eyelids can tilt for expression

-Sharp bends
-Fingers with 3 independent joints each
-IK<–>FK Blend
-Wrist control
-Wrists can rotate
-Robe can be extruded
-Bezier circle on hand to parent tools/items to
-Toggle finger visibility with a solid hand

-Sharp Bends
-IK<–>FK Blend
-Independent foot rotation

-Body bends in 3 places
-Main control (blue) that all others are parented to
-Upper body, middle body, hips
-Robe follows body
-Main control optimal for walk cycles (but cycles are so boring…)

Other Features
-You can change the robe texture independently from the main body
-Break the Material Transparency connection for correct drawing in Viewport 2.0

Please give credit in the description every time you use the rig. Like this:

Villager rig by Ravbug Animations

That’s all I ask.
You can even copy and paste the above to make it easier!


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